NoteCharge USB-C 10


NoteCharge USB-C 10 charges up to 10 USB-C devices in sequential circulation

The USB-C hub charges devices with up to 50/60W on each port in a cycle of 15-minute intervals (20V-3A max).

If total output required is higher than 500W, the hub will set 1 port on standby for 15 minutes LED showing Orange, thus starting sequential charging sequence

The LED light feature indicates which devices are charging (red) and which will subsequently be charged (Orange). When all devices have reached 100% power in off condition, all LED lights will show Green

When using USB-A power, the LED will be red while the devices are charging and green when the devices have been fully charged

NoteCharge has integrated fan control, which is activated at a temperature of 35 degrees

It is NOT possible to use both USB-A and USB-C ports at the same time

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 34 × 21.5 × 5.5 cm

Tablets, iPads and similar devices with USB-C outlets.

Connecting cable

1.8 m of cable max. 10 AMP. EU/DK/UK


Active fan with 6000 RPM CE/RoHS


10A input with on/off and 10A, 250V fuse


Ports 10 each with 2.4A, 5V


10-port sequential charging with 2 x 5 max 65W

Sequential USB-C charging feature

2 x 5 ports with 2 x 135W power adapter. Sequential charging with 15-min. interval. Always selects the device with the lowest battery.


Honeycomb recycled cardboard

Weight packed

5 kg


According to local regulations

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